24 January 2006

Finished shawl

Melody Shawl Knit Kit from Morehouse Merino in color Waterlilies.

I enjoy the gauzy quality. I like being able to twist it up into a scarf, or release it into a shawl.

I haven't taken it to visit its namesake painting yet, but I did wear it to church Sunday. Combined with silk long underwear, I kept snug during Sunday School (our class has been upgraded to a room in the main building with nice cushy seats, but there seems to be little heat in the room -- maybe they expect us to jump around more). And during the service I was (mostly) quite comfortable in it.

Towards the end of the service someone near me applied perfume. Ack! I stuck the shawl over my face and started fanning furiously with my bulletin. I gotta tell you, this shawl doesn't work well as an air filtration system. Sure, I appreciated the clean, wooly smell of the yarn, but VDad was mouthing, "Your eyes are swelling up," so it wasn't shielding me totally from the miasma of synthetic fragrance. Bleh.

1 comment:

Olive Oyl/Pensguys said...

Oh NO!!! Hope you feel better from that spray!

The shawl is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Not sure I'm going to do the knitting olympics....if I can get it to co-incide with the learn along/knit along on the WTKnitters, then I can.