04 January 2006

Tuesday Teatime

This week's Tuesday Teatime was sort of a bust. Actually, most of Tuesday was sort of a bust, but we shall focus on the Teatime aspect, mostly so I don't collapse into whining whilst reliving the day.

A package of Trader Joe's cinnamon grahams was to serve as our tea time snack. This is our most recent Trader Joe's discovery (how did we survive all of those years without a TJ about 5 minutes away?). Unfortunately, it was knocked off the counter by a flying poncho. The poncho wearer's eyes filled with tears, and she fled the room.

I decided to go for Plan B: making CribChick's excellent Saltine Toffee . Well, I assumed it was excellent since it contained several of VKid2's favorite foods: saltines, butter, and sugar. But, the butter we had (the last stick) was a tiny bit bitter...yes, the butter it was bitter, and I hadn't bought some better butter to make the bitter butter better (on the bright side, that was one of our favorite tongue twisters last year when we went through a tongue twister phase).

I served plain ol' decaf English Breakfast tea to offset the sweetness and chocolateness of the Saltine Toffee (the grahams were going to have hot cocoa).

I started out tea time by reading John P. Smeeton's Jack Frost in the Garden , followed by Shakespeare's Winter poem from Love's Labours Lost (I think...which reminds me, I have no idea where my Riverside Shakespeare is, so add that to the "lost" list).

VKid1 asked VKid2 if she had any poems to share. Nope. Neither did VKid1. So, I then tried to engage them in discussion of what new things they wanted to accomplish during this season of homeschooling. I got this idea from Julie Bogart's excellent post on getting a Second Wind in one's homeschooling at this point. I like to have little fantasies about being like Julie Bogart when it comes to homeschooling, know what I mean? But, the kids were amazingly uninterested in the topic.

Since THAT conversation quickly fizzled out, in the interests of having a tea time that lasted longer than 5 minutes, I finished reading aloud Lewis and Clark and Me .

Highlight of Teatime? Blowing out the candles at the end.

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