16 January 2006

It isn't junk food...

It's a language lesson! Where else are you going to learn important phrases like "adicionado con 13 vitaminas y minerales"? And, "Zucaritas" is such a fun word to say, anyway. Just say it a few times... zucaritas, zucaritas... you'll find yourself wanting to use it in conversation, it's so much fun.

Sorry I covered the picture of el tigre Tono, not to mention part of the "Zucaritas" name. Kellogg's won't be hiring me anytime soon for publicity shots.

I can't help but think that the Latin Classical Ed crowd would do well to reflect on this. Maybe we need a junky cereal with a Latin name as well as box info in Latin.

Another recent VDad contribution to the educational climate in our home: I was reading out of Story of the World 3, asking the kids "what did Napoleon do while on Elba?" VDad burst out with, "He ate macaroni...Elba macaroni!!" VKid2 started laughing so hard I thought she was going to choke. Days later she still mentions the Elba macaroni Napoleon ate.

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