31 July 2006

How the Non-homeschooling Majority Lives

Last week the kids went to yet another Vacation Bible School, put on by the church we were attending last spring. This one was Group's Fiesta. Group VBS tends to have better music than other brands, and this was no exception (interestingly, the church putting this VBS on has really crummy music). Also, there was a smattering of Spanish to learn, although Kid2 tended to shout "Vita!" instead of "Viva!" If Group decides to have a Toga Party-themed VBS she's ready.

The significant thing about this VBS was that it ran from 9am to noon Monday through Friday. This would be a week like "normal" people have, dropping off kids in the morning and picking them up later.

Monday: The kids got up at 7am, anxious to start their first day. This totally messed up my morning routine (I expected to drag them out of bed at 8). After dropping them off, I scurried home, exercised and cleaned. Woohoo. Mr.V thought this was a total waste of a free morning ("I would've taken a nap."). Picked up kids at noon, discovering that I am the only mom there not wearing either dark brown or green. I am so out of touch with what is trendy. Spent afternoon at swimming pool.

Tuesday: Kids again up at 7am, but this time I expected it. Dropped them off (still not wearing trendy-mom-type outfit), and ran errands. Realized the last time I was out doing adult-type stuff at 9am on a weekday was sometime in the early 1990s. I purchased a copy of Bust magazine and a cream cheese brownie to celebrate my adulthood. The celebration lasted about 15 minutes, then I had to go pick up kids. Spent afternoon at swimming pool.

Wednesday: Kids up a little later, but still determined to go (I had emphasized that they didn't really need to do this, and I have no problem whatsoever with ditching VBS). I needed to mow the lawn, but instead concentrated on paperwork, and things that work better without extra people constantly chattering in the background. Afternoon spent with tradesman coming by house to work on sprinkler system.

Thursday: Wrenched upper back while taking out trash at 6am. Managed to get the kids to VBS, stopped by vet's office for cat medication. Made cupcakes for VBS snacks on Friday. Somehow managed to pick up kids at noon, although it was becoming obvious I really shouldn't be driving around. Fed them something for lunch, although I didn't feel like eating. Afternoon spent lying on the floor with ice packs, wallowing in self-pity. Mr.V arrived home to announce that people at work are sick with stomach flu. Aha, that explains why I don't feel like eating.

Friday: Kids are still getting up at 7am. Dropped them off, then came home to watch a video while propped up with pillows. Hey, it's like lying around watching TV while eating bonbons -- isn't this what everyone else is doing?

Observations: Kid1 has decided that it's nice to have something to do in the morning, so she wants to start math and spelling. I was amazed that Kid2 lasted the week, although she was getting pretty ragged around the edges by the end. Both kids tended to fight and snipe quite a bit when they got home -- although they really enjoyed the VBS, they needed quite a bit of "decompressing" time.

Now it's Mondya morning, and we're back to our family's version of normal -- the kids are just now getting dressed at 9am, we'll read some books over a leisurely breakfast, maybe I'll finally get around to mowing the lawn. We'll still be spending the afternoon at the pool, though.

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Weaver Brewer & Fam said...

I love my Bust! It makes me think that maybe I am something besides just mom and wife. :)

Sorry to hear about your back. Wish I could come over and take the kids away for a day of rest for you. Hope you feel better soon!