13 July 2006

The Knitting Slump is Over!

First, let me tell you the depth of the slump: I had finished knitting a scarf and bound off down to that last stitch on the needle -- you know, the last one where you need to simply snip the yarn and draw the yarn through. It sat there with that one lonely stitch on the needle for 3 weeks. I would think, "gee, I should go snip that yarn and get that off the needles (if for no other reason than to put the needles away so this scarf is no longer cluttering up the nightstand)." I would head upstairs ... and decide to clean out the litterbox instead.

Yes, I preferred cleaning a litterbox to performing even the simplest of knitting tasks.

But then, something happened. The new Knitty appeared (good thing I get email notification, because I cared so little about knitting that I wasn't checking the Knitty website). And the new Knitty had a pattern for (drumroll) a Klein bottle hat! Do you realize how much I have longed for a pattern for a Klein bottle hat? It's like opening up your cupboard and discovering that a houseguest absent-mindedly stuck the Holy Grail inside.

I really knew The Slump was over when I checked out Wendy's blog and saw Sizzle . Wow. What a pattern. It would look hideous on me, but I found myself really really wanting to knit it.

So. I got out my Debbie Bliss Cathay in purple and started swatching for Picovoli. Pretty pretty yarn. No pics, though, because I have about 100 photos to download into iPhoto and I just can't face iPhoto right now. I'm in a photography slump. It's like a roving cloud of apathy must settle over some portion of my life, and right now it's photos.

And that scarf? Blocked and mailed to person for whom it was knit.


Olive Oyl/Pensguys said...

Whoo Hoo for you!!! :)

I LOVE Sizzle too but I'm afraid I have too much cleavage to be showing off....Picovoli is my speed though....someday.

Weaver Brewer & Fam said...

Ha. the other day when you mentioned the bottle hat, I assumed it was because you saw the new Knitty. Congrats on leaving the slump behind.

GailV said...

Olive Oyl, I have the exact opposite problem -- too little cleavage. I'd look like a walking anatomy lesson if I wore it -- "see how the ribs attach to the breastbone? Get a load of that clavicle!"

Olive Oyl/Pensguys said...


JoVE said...

Sizzle does look great but what makes you think it wouldn't look good on you? She's photographed it as a very odd angle. If you are somewhat larger than Wendy (as I am), you might want to check out the Shapely Tank at White Lies Designs. I have knit that a few times and it has become the basis of a lot of stuff I've designed myself. For those of us with actual shape (I am hesitant to name the body part in question for fear of generating unwanted google hits for you), some short rowing and a low neckline (V or scoop) can be really flattering. Believe me.

Glad the slump is over though.