20 July 2006

Show-off moment of the week

For years we have used Story of the World, complete with Activity Guide. I have used the review question in the Activity Guide orally, emphasizing that we need to be able to answer the question in complete sentences. We do not answer in phrases, no sirree, we use subjects and predicates. If we forget this rule (which happens, oh, 50 percent of the time) Mommy says, "answer in a complete sentence, please," and we must restate the answer.

At Bible School the other night an adult asked, "Who remembers what our mission project for the week is?" She randomly picked 6-year-old Kid2 to answer, thrusting a microphone in the child's face. Kid2 stated in calm, measured tones, "Our mission project this week is to raise money for an orphanage in Mexico so the children can have uniforms and look like the other kids in their school classes."**

People were stunned. I think they expected some mumbled little, "ummmm, for kids in Mexico," as a reply.

Of course, it helps that Kid2 has a natural language acumen that befits a future attorney or politician.

But I prefer to pretend that it's all because of our homeschooling.

**The 30 kids in the orphanage typically dress in white shirts and blue pants to attend school. They would like to have uniforms like the other school children have so they are not so set apart as "those orphans".

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