17 July 2006


The church we're currently attending is having VBS this week. It's Gospel Light's Son Treasure Island, and they're doing both a morning and an evening Biblse School. We chose the evening because parents are invited to attend with their kids. So I spent yesterday evening running around in a field shouting "Aargh, aargh, aargh, " (pirate talk) while playing tag.

We have met another family with kids the same ages as ours, which is really cool. The parents are math types, which provides great opportunities for us all to be geeky together. It also provides great opportunities for me to stick my foot in my mouth regarding public schools. For example, the dad was commenting that he thought if great that his daughter had a chance to do PowerPoint presentations in 4th grade. My natural inclination was to burst out with something like "any idiot can learn to use PowerPoint; the problem is that the kids are probably developing a tendency to think slick packaging is everything in a presentation and content is nothing." The dad in question was spared this speech, but Mr.V got an earful in the car on the way home.

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JoVE said...

A former colleague of mine teaches in a business school at a respectable British university. He told me that many of the big corporations that they liaise with regularly have rules about NOT using PowerPoint precisely because it tends to result in the triumph of form over content.