10 July 2006


My Secret Pal from The Denim Jumper homeschool forum has been sending me wonderful postcards. I really wanted to share at least one of them -- it's a picture of sheep (I lucked into a Secret Pal who both homeschools and knits). But, in order to share it here I needed to have the scanner, iMac and Blogger all work together. They're refusing to cooperate. Blogger pretended the scanner doesn't exist, then iMac started ignoring it, too ... the scanner descended into depression, and started blinking incessantly that it was "warming up". Hah. I slapped around the iMac a bit, and showed the scanner who was boss (I unplugged it -- let it try warming up now, by gum). Unfortunately, I have less control over Blogger.

The postcards have been a bright spot in my days.

Other excitement: I received a copy of The Golden Children's Bible to use in our Christian studies this coming year, as outlined in The Latin Centered Curriculum . It was 22 cents with $3.50 postage, purchased used from Amazon.com. It's in excellent condition. The postman did an admirable job of jamming it into our mailbox, but I managed to extract it with having to hacksaw the mailbox or the book (I think the postman resents the number of packages he has to deliver here, and this is his passive-aggressive way of dealing with it).

I celebrated by ordering Classical Writing Aesop . I'm nervous about this. It's one thing to spend about $4 on a children's Bible and end up ditching in lieu of something better (whatever that may be). It's quite another to buy an entire writing program that you may ending up hating.

I have been reading quite a bit about Traditional Chinese Medicine lately. Apparently one's ability to be decisive is related to one's gall bladder. Well. Hmmm. I think my gall bladder has made just about enough decisions for one day.

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