07 March 2007

Latest Dulaan Item

Annie had this really cool idea of spending Lent knitting for others. She even came up with a cute button that people could put in their blogs ... which I would maybe do if I had any time to spend on my blog, which obviously I don't since I haven't been blogging much at all.


The ONLY knitting I've gotten done during Lent so far has been for Dulaan, so the 40 Days For Others concept has been working out well.

This vest is the Cozy in Cables pattern using 2 strands of Elann's Highland Wool in color "What Was I Thinking" (seriously, I have an entire bag of this stuff, which was pretty on the monitor but would look hideous on me, so expect to see lots of charity knitting in this color). I used about 3 skeins. I also used a US10.5 circular needle, and left the guage to chance. It almost fits my skinny 7 year old, who proclaimed it "really warm".

It was a fun, quick knit. Very satisfying, even when I screwed up the lefthand cables and twisted them the wrong way meaning I needed to unravel them back a few rows and re-twist them the other way (although by the 6th time it happened the charm had sort of worn off, if you know what I mean). And, no seams, so very little finishing -- just pop it into the Dulaan bag, and off to the next project!


Heather said...

What a coincidence! I have several skeins of What Was I Thinking myself. Charity knitting is a great use for it, and the vest (aside from the color lol) is very beautiful :)

GailV said...

My daughter's piano teacher saw the yarn and said, "Oh, I have some of that, too, in the basement." We were all sucked in, I guess.

I do think it's sort of attractive on our couch.