29 March 2007

UFO Resurrection Challenge for March

It's taken me awhile to come up with my March UFO Resurrection because I've been trying to coordinate the UFOs with Project Spectrum, and, well, there are so many UFOs around here that coordinate with the current color, and so many of those UFOs that I would rather pretend don't exist. You know, those nasty little UFOs that you keep thinking you'll deal with later, when you're a stronger person, like maybe in 10-20 years.

And so, I present a UFO that comes with a saga that spans decades.

It all began back in ... well, I'm not sure when. Or where. I bought a bag of Paton's South Pacific so I could knit something or other, probably out of Vogue Knitting. This was probably in the early 1990s, and probably in either New Hampshire or Indiana. Who knows. I can't even find any info online about when the yarn was manufactured. A couple of years ago I found it on Wiseneedle.com, but it seems to have been deleted to make way for newer, more interesting yarn.

Then other stuff happened. We moved to Maryland. We moved to Delaware. We moved to Ohio. And the yarn was packed up and moved each time, still in its bag.

Finally, a couple of years ago, I decided to clear it out of my life. I found a great pattern for it in Vintage Knits, a long sleeved ribbed pullover. I cast on and started knitting away on pointy little size 3 bamboo needles. I loved the way it was coming out (even thought the yarn is splitty, and I can see why it's no longer sold). I loved the idea of wearing a white ribbed pullover:

And then one day it occured to me that I had loved the idea of a white long sleeved ribbed pullover so much that I'd gone out and bought one readymade:

Well. That sort of took the oomph out of the knitting, you know, discovering that I was knitting a duplicate of a top I already owned. I set the knitting aside. Eventually I packed it up and moved it to Missouri.

Then, one day recently I wanted to knit Kid1 a shrug to go over her Easter dress. I looked through the stash of white yarn. I knit guage swatches. And the winner was:

Yes, the Paton's South Pacific. So, after sitting around in bags for over a decade, going through multiple household moves, and time knitted up as the back and most of the front of a sweater, I've come up with a purpose for this yarn and I need it done in about 3 days time. It will feel good to get rid of this UFO and yarn, after all this time.

I think I might burn any leftover yarn, except being acrylic it would probably stink. Maybe I'll bury it in the back yard. In any event, it will All. Be. Gone. when this shrug is done, regardless of how much the shrug takes. Pics of a Finished Object will show up around Eastertime, we hope. If not, assume I'm burning or burying the Unfinished Shrug.


Pensguys said...

Most of my UFOs have been FROGGED! I just don't love them enough to finish.

knitsteel said...

You're making me think about the pink yarn and wrap pattern tucked safely away in the closet. I crochet these easy silly hats instead...

Nicole said...

Oh Gail! That poor yarn is like an old dog with three legs; it's limped after you faithfully. I vote for burial, with a full service and flowers.