19 March 2007

Trip Knitting

We just returned from a roadtrip, with travel times carefuly planned for optimal NCAA basketball enjoyment. I took along my current knitting project, along with a "just in case" project -- you know, the one you grab "just in case" something untoward happens to the first one. Like, for instance, let's say that in spite of numerous gauge swatches, one false start on the project, followed by more, larger gauge swatches you discover after getting several inches into the project (which is, by the way, knitted in the round and features cables) that the gauge is still off and you didn't bring circular needles in the size you'll probably need, so all that's left to do is rip out the entire skein's-worth of knitting, rewinding it into a ball using the pestle of a wooden mortar and pestle (since, of course, you didn't bring a swift and ballwinder, either). That's the sort of situation where you need that "just in case" project:

Yes, another Dulaan sweater in that yarn. If I have enough of the yarn it will have long sleeves.

(For the record, the photo was taken on top of a jigsaw puzzle of a mosaic of Helen of Troy, as Kid1 is on a Greek binge lately . And, frankly, the sweater is pretty boring to look at on its own, so I wanted to jazz it up with an interesting background. And I thought the colors went rather nicely. If this mosaic needed a sweater I'd definitely knit it out of this yarn. And I maybe haven't had enough sleep in the past few days, which sort of feeds into my tendency to babble.)

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