12 March 2007

Our Version of March Madness

Yes, I grew up in Indiana, where basketball reigns supreme. And, yes, I went to a Big 10 school, so I'm still very in tune to what everyone else calls March Madness -- believe me, there have been several phone calls lately to discuss Who Will Get In, and then several more phone calls yesterday to discuss Who Got What Seed. And there are those in the family that believe that all of our actions next weekend should be governed by game times.

But, behold, I tell you, we are now a family defined not only by NCAA Basketball, but by Irish Step Dancing. And having The Games on St. Patrick's Day weekend, well, let me tell you, that's a real conflict of interest.

First of all, there's the hair issue:

People ask, "how long does it take to do that?" Well, it takes about one CD of Jim Weiss reading Story of the World to do 2 kids worth:

Then you have to let it dry for hours and hours and even overnight, then carefully unroll:

Then put on skirt, top, poodle socks, ghillies, headband, cape, et voila ... too bad I didn't get a picture of the finished effect in full costume. But there are plenty of photo oppotunities coming up. Everybody seems to think having some Irish dancers do a jig and a reel is quite the thing for March parties. And here I thought March was all about basketball.

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KathyJo said...

Perhaps it's a good thing that I only have boys. :)