05 August 2007

Aaahhh! At Last I Have a Chance to Put My Feet Up

Yes, the houseguest is on his way home, and I have a few moments to relax before starting to prepare for the next batch later this week. Houseguest A was certainly a lively guest. Within about 24 hours of arrival he had re-injured his eardrum (it had ruptured last week, a fact which he forgot about until after he dove deeply into the swimming pool and felt it "go") and lost a contact (a prescription of 5.5, which in contact-speak basically means "I cannot see without these").

How nice that in the midst of the mayhem I got this ultra-cool package from Irishgirlieknits:

featuring not only the lovely, soft socks (which, by the way, smell like my sock-knitting-friend's house, which is just a hoot), a bar of Ocean Mist soap from River Soap Co., a package of Soak to try, a cute little memo book to carry in my knitting bag which I can theoretically use to keep track of what I'm doing, Emperor Norton Sourdough Snacks, Notorious Sock Knitters bumper sticker, card with beach/knitting photo that she took herself (as we are now living in a landlocked state, beach pictures seem so exotic), and a mini-skein on a ring.

Close-up of socks in their former life before being torn away from their beach-going former life here. Okay, I don't know if these socks ever hit the beach, but the poor things are arriving in the nation's armpit in the midst of a heat-alert, with temperatures around 100F and a heat index even higher, and a relative humidity of instant-sweat-percent. It's the sort of weather that leaves you exhausted whenever you engage in activities like, oh, you know, blinking. It must be a comedown from their former life.

BUT, I will love, love, love them with all of my heart. I can't wait until it's cool enough to wear socks again.


IrishgirlieKnits & PashyKnits said...

I am so glad you love them Gail! They were hard to part with! That pretty smell is what the soak smells like! Its my favorite :) They look like they fit perfectly...brave of you to try them on in that heat wave! Stay cool!!

Weaver said...

they are so pretty. I am jealous, but happy to say that I've finally finished the heals on my tofutsie socks. Someday, I, too, will have pretty socks. Although, still not as pretty as those little lovelies!