06 August 2007

Recent Knitting

My UFO Resurrection sweater for July made great progress during the past month:

The sleeveless version of Sahara, knit in Classic Elite's Classic Silk. I found the rest of the yarn I was using, I seem to be knitting it in the same size I had planned. All I have left to do is pick up the stitches for the neck, then block. The problem is that "pick up the stitches for the neck" business, as this requires getting out a longer circular needle than the one I used to pick up and knit around the armholes. And going and getting the correct needle out? Well, let's just say the needle-control situation here is totally lacking. It's overwhelming. It's a mess.

(By the way, I also have fabric for a coordinating skirt, so now I have an entire Unfinished Outfit piled up here!)

So instead of dealing with finding the correct needle, I cast on something else, something using easy-to-locate needles:

A helmet liner. Except now I'm to the point that I need to switch to double points. Which means getting out needles. Which I really, really do not want to have to deal with.

I'd rather go mow the lawn in the 100F heat, then go swimming.


Weaver said...

you should have just started out with longer circs and then you could be just magic looping it. yeah, I know, still requires the searching for different needles thing, huh? nevermind :)

GailV said...

Yes, that's exactly what happened -- I grabbed the first size 3 circ I came to, said, "Oh, this will do for the armholes," and away I went.

A picture of the needle problem will be forthcoming, so you can see what I'm talking about when I say I hate to go look for needles.