26 August 2007

Cool Enough to Try On Sahara

Yes, the temperatures have finally dropped to the point we can open the windows and listen to the neighbor call for her cats incessantly. (She seems to enjoy letting them out at night, then getting all wound up that they aren't waiting by the door to be let in next morning. Phase 2 of this scenario will be when she comes over later this morning and announces she's sure one of the has been eaten by a coyote. She must enjoy this, right? because she does it, oh, maybe once a week at least.)

And I quickly donned Sahara for a photo:

The photo was snapped quickly, too, as I was working between sneezes and nose-blowing (see those tissues in easy reach?) and coughing fits.

I think the t-shirt I have under it is rumpled, thus some of the lumps down the back. I think I have no interest in wearing a sleeveless, close-fitting top at this time of year. I think I have enough yarn to make some sleeves. I think the bottom looks sort of wonky in this picture, possibly because it IS sort of wonky. I think that having knit it top-down doesn't make a huge difference in my decision to maybe redo the bottom, since I am not averse to cutting the bottom off of a sweater knit bottom-up and redoing it (been there, done that). I think the entire "top-down means you can try it on as you go" was sort of useless given the neckline of this thing, since it was hard to judge fit until the neckline was finished.

Mostly I think I shouldn't critique sweaters while my neurons are clogged with snot. I am maybe not in my brightest, most positive mood today.

Knit in Classic Silk by Classic Elite Yarns. No idea how many balls it took since I have no idea how many I had to begin with.


Heather said...

I think it's just beautiful! We're our own worst critics, and its difficult to properly judge something when you know how it was "supposed to" come out. But you did it yourself, and you did a heckuva lot better than a lot of people could do (me included). So good on you. It looks great.

EH said...

I love the clean line of this. I think it would look great over a sleek black turtle neck in the winter. The deep V is the perfect showcase for a funky pendant.
I'm sure you'll see things in a different light once you're all "de-snotted." Get better soon.

Nicole said...

I think it looks great too! I love the color.

Oh, and I had to giggle over your comment in the previous post about Aviva Jill Romm...I feel the same way!!