23 August 2007

Ruminating on the odd places life takes us ...

I was just out putting a sprinkler in our backyard when I heard the phone ring. MrV had found this news report, and thought the 4th photo down on the left side looked like our old neighborhood (the one we were living in 2 years ago today).

I'm not so sure -- I talked to a former neighbor just yesterday morning, and she said the water was up over the side street, but hadn't actually come over the section of street we lived on. Of course, that was 6 inches ago, I think, so who knows.

There have been days I've regretted moving away from small town America. Life in big town America seems so much more complex, y'know? But right now my dry little city neighborhood feels pretty cozy.

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Weaver said...

I've been watching the news because SW Wisconsin is underwater (and now SE Wisconsin too) and heard about Findlay tonight. The pictures are just so hard to look at. I can't imagine the 90 degree temps on top of it. Glad your safe and dry too and hope that all your old neighbors are safe!