30 August 2007

Just dropping by to say "hey"...

Note: this entry has been IMPROVED! It now has links to info about feising, for those who might wonder what I'm prattling on about. Irish dance competitions are sort of like a cult; it's hard to explain to an outsider. Or maybe it's just hard to explain to me, since I'm still not entirely sure why we feis. Anyway, if you have a burning desire to learn more, now you have some links.

I've had ideas for "real" blog posts, but no time to type them out.

At the moment we're getting ready for another feis.

Errand running is completed, I think. We now have a new camp stool ($4.98 in the Walmart hunting department; it has a camo look to it) so Kid1 can sit down without fear of crushing the stiffening in her dress. We have new glue sticks to glue socks onto legs, since Kid2 can never get her old glue stick open (I think it got glued shut in the excitement of July's feis). We have non-messy snacks. We have a printout of our stage assignments with our dances highlighted, thanks to the aid of a more experienced mom who assured me the assignments really and truly were on Feisworx (I was looking on the wrong page -- oops). We have boatloads of bobbypins for our dancer who will wear a wig. We have a new jar of setting gel for our dancer who will have to suffer through having her hair set on spikes once again, although she really, really, really wants a wig bad (the other wig was given to us, else we wouldn't even have it).

(Tips for attending feiseanna here, although you can't take flash pictures either, so I'm not sure what's up with saying you can. Oh, wait,this is better. Shoot, I wish I could find one with pictures, so you could see the mayhem of hundreds of curly-haired girls running amok. Frankly, this list is my favorite, buty it maybe has too many inside jokes.)

Kid1 is polishing her ghillies. Kid2 is on notice that she needs to practice her dances with the wig on, so she doesn't freak out about wearing it. I need to mow the lawn and vacuum, just because life goes on whether we're at a feis or not.

I can't believe there are families who go to feiseanna pretty much every weekend. Yeesh. Once a month is more than enough for me. How did I get sucked into this lifestyle?

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Weaver said...

oh, I so wish we lived closer so we could come watch the fun :)