26 May 2006

All wound up about ...

Knitting -- thinking about presents. It's all about cold-weather gear here. Yes, it's 90 degrees out, and I'm suddenly inspired to dive into some KidSilk Haze or Malabrigo. I'm agonizing over colors. I suspect the colors one picks when it's so hot and sunny are different than what one would choose in fall or winter. So if I get some yarn I'll need to knit it up quickly before I change my mind.

Homeschool -- reading Mungo's book on The Latin Centered Curriculum . Dithering about Latin programs, which are starting to stack up around the house. Not that we're using many of them, but we're stockpiling. Sort of like stockpiling for natural disasters or Y2K. You know, like, "what if we suddenly have 27 more kids, each with a different learning style, how will we teach them all Latin?" Are you prepared for that contingency?

Wallpaper removal -- I think I need to start a new blog about removing wallpaper. It will feature poetry, like An Ode to Dif. It will analyze the former residents of this home (which were they -- stupid, lazy, or under the mesmerizing influence of Christopher Lowell? I can offer compelling evidence for each theory, including the state of the lawn, the way the painting had been done -- egads, folks, remove the outlet covers before you paint! -- and the total and tragic fascination with peel-and-stick flooring). It will offer reviews of various removal theories, most of which don't really work.

Mostly, though, I'm working myself up about all of the above so I don't have to ponder the really BIG questions, like "what is that puddle of water under the refrigerator" and "why is the cat suddenly terrified of the yew outside the back door" (the latter strikes me as something out of a scifi/horror movie -- if we suddenly disappear, assume we have been shipped off to some slave-planet by some terrifying little creatures that our cat tried to warn us about).


Weaver Brewer & Fam said...

Hey-ya. I cleaned the toy room yesterday, but we don't have the necklace you need :( wish we did! Good luck finding it :)

Hornblower said...

LOL about the Latin curriculum! Me too. 'cause you never know. Also, I believe that in the osmosis method of learning & I think if we just buy lots of curriculum, there's a tiny chance someone will actually learn something, even if it's just lying on the shelf gathering dust.

Wallpaper is evil. We papered the condo ourselves and then ripped it off (except for 1 bathroom which we decided looked timeless enough) the year before we put it on the market. During the whole procedure we were both muttering "shoot me if I ever suggest wallpapering again"

Steam it. After the 2nd room, I decided renting the heavy duty steamer was the only way to go.