22 May 2006

Knitting Update

Green Gable in Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece color Tea Rose, knit on size 6 circs. My guage was larger than that in the pattern, so although I knit the size 34 directions it came out closer to a size 36. I added over an inch in the length from neckline to underarm, and about another half inch or so to the length of the body (I was in a car with no ruler or chance to try on, so just guessed when to finish it off). I used slightly less than 2 skeins of the yarn; the pattern called for 3 skeins for the size 34.

Sorry for the flaky picture. Our camera battery charger is currently in Indiana, so this was a quicky early this morning after Mr.V left for work.

Speaking of Mr.V, his immediate reaction when he saw it yesterday when I got dressed for church was, "Wow! That's cute! When did you get that sweater?" Uhhhh, I was sitting in the car knitting it last weekend, remember? He was impressed at how well the shoulders fit (not that you can see it in the picture). Raglan sleeves tend to make my narrow shoulders look like the top of a pyramid, but these don't. Perhaps it's the strong horizontal of the lace inset. He kept commenting on the cuteness and good fit all day (since I wore it all day).

And KidV1 declared that I looked like something out of one of those catalogues I order clothing from ... "you know, like Hanna Anderson." I'm not quite sure what to make of that comment, except I do tend to order clothing instead of going to shops, and maybe this sweater has more of a manufactured look (as opposed to homemade). That may be because there are no seams to mess up -- you can't wonk up the finishing because there's not much to finish. I didn't do my super-cool bind off for K1P1 rib, but it still looks okay.


Weaver Brewer & Fam said...

That is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! You make me wish I had the patience to make something for me to wear. (I get bored easily and need quick finish projects)

So beautiful! Wow!

Olive Oyl/Pensguys said...

Cute, cute, cute!!!!

I can't wait to lose some more weight so I can make that and look so cute!

g. said...

okay, that's gorgeous. now i have to go and find out about that pattern...

Lucky4Penny said...

Wow, you look hot in that, babe! Fabulous job, fabulous body. Maybe I need to go track down the pattern after all. The original was knit in black and it was so hard to see what it looked like.

Dame Trickster