19 May 2006

Tuesday Teatime


Wandering through Trader Joe's on Monday, I grabbed Joe-Joe's Chocolate Sandwich Creme Cookies (a known favorite of KidV2) and a box of Pirouline (unknown, but looked like something the kids would like, and one of the least expensive choices).

On Tuesday I admitted to KidV1 that I didn't have a sense of direction for Teatime -- no theme, no sense of what to pull together. She suggested dolls or Hawaii. Hawaii? Huh? I began to wonder if she had been abducted by aliens who messed with her brain, but then remembered that a recent issue of Moo Cow Fan Club had been about Hawaii. But a Hawaiian theme seems to need pineapple as a food choice, so I decided against it.

Okay, dolls ... try googling poems about dolls or doll poetry. You'll end up with a bunch of drivel written by kids about their Barbies, or else wildly pornographic themes. I managed to find one book in our library catalog. Our library takes special pains, though, to make it impossible to find poetry books on the shelves. I never did find the blasted thing, so I grabbed a volume of Jack Prelutsky (It's Raining Pigs and Noodles) and left the library in a huff.


The cookies went over really well. So did the poetry. I read random poems, including some of the shape poems. I read until the cookies were gone, and I was sick of reading poetry aloud.


I told KidV1 that if she wanted to read more of the poems herself, she may. She grabbed the book and carried it into the family room. She spent the next hour reading more poems aloud to KidV2.

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