24 May 2006

Tuesday Teatime

You want to know how cool my Secret Pal is? Early Tuesday morning she sent an email to me with a poem about a doll, because she knew we were thinking about a doll-themed Tuesday Teatime . (Secret Pals are going on over at The Denim Jumper, which is a fantastic secular homeschooling board).

After much struggle, I also found Secrets from the Dollhouse at the local public library (they do their best to hide all of the poetry books, but occasionally one slips onto the shelves).

We had our teatime outdoors on a blanket. Four dolls attended, each bringing along their own doll. Plus my kids put on a bunch of makeup, thinking this made them look more doll-like. We had Sir Strawberry juice from Trader Joe's, Joe-Joe cookies, and Piroulines which, when broken off, fit nicely in the dolls' hands.

Secrets from the Dollhouse is free-verse, which was a change of pace for us. The kids seemed to like it, though. KidV2 asked me to read the entire thing over again once I was done.

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Lucky4Penny said...

So glad you could use the poem!

Dame Trickster