01 May 2006

Random stuff about knitting

Weaver asked in the comments what I was using the Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece for. I'm knitting Green Gable , shown here as a wad of pinkish yarn:

I'm at the point that I should drop off the sleeves and just knit the body (it's knit from the neck down), but I tried it on, and it would cut off the circulation in my arms to do that right now, so I'm going to knit 4 more rows then try it on again. The business of putting the live stitches on waste yarn so I can try it on is incredibly tedious. Other than that it's been an enjoyable knit, mostly because it's miles and miles of mindless knit stitch on size 6 circs -- easy to read a book or surf the net.

For example, the other night I knit while clicking all the way through the MDC webring ... yes, even making it through the places that I usually get hung up and bail out. There's a site (I forget whose) that doesn't read well in Safari, so all I see is her background. And there are other sites that flip me to the wrong place in the ring. Usually I'm totally confused what to do since I never can remember the names of the blogs I've read (I tend to think of the "faces" of the blogs rather than the name -- like, there's The Blog Where She Did Those My Little Pony Blankets, The Blog Where She Planted Strawberries In A Pot, The Blog Where She Put Up Those Shelves From Target I Wonder If I Should've Gotten A Set When They Were On Sale Last Week). But, I made it through, and discovered that, yes, everyone else is much cooler than I and doing more interesting projects than I am. And most of them have better hair (not that there are tons of hair pictures on the blogs, but I believe you can sense these things by the tone of people's writing, a certain je nais se qua, if you will).

However, I wasn't too terribly put out by this discovery, due to a random act of consumerism in which I got an Ace Hardware pump sprayer which I'm using to spray water on my bedroom walls and, yes, scrape down more wallpaper. Nothing like ripping wads of wallpaper off the walls to perk me up.

Tomorrow at this time Dennis-the-window-guy will be here ripping a large hole in the wall behind me to install a window. Blogging and knitting and even homeschooling might be in short supply for the next few days, depending on how this project goes.


Olive Oyl/Pensguys said...

I REALLY like that pattern....especially in pink! ;) Maybe ONE day when I finally get rid of that "spare tire" over my waistline, I can wear something like that. It is getting smaller though. ;)

Vegan Knitting said...

hehe. I'm sorry that not all of the links send you to the right place. I linked all the way round the ring yesterday and had to do a bit of cutting a pasting to make it. but other than ask people nicely to fix it, what can we do!

I guarantee I don't have nicer hair than you - look at my profile photo and imagine me 27 years older...

I also think of people's blogs the way you do.