11 May 2006

Knitting Update

Green Gable is moving along nicely. I've tried it on after finishing the first skein -- fits great! -- done the wee bit of shaping in the body, and am ready to knit several inches of mindless stockinette.

Problem: We're about to do a road trip, and I'd rather save mindless knitting for times when I'm unable to pay attention (like, for instance, while reading a good book).

Solution: Find something else to knit on the trip.


Knit something for Secret Pal over at The Denim Jumper . Problem with that: I just got my secret pal yesterday and have no stashed yarn that matches her color preferences. And I'm sure not going to miss an excuse to buy more yarn by declaring something in stash as "good enough". Nope, my Secret Pal deserves the very best. So, no Secret Pal knitting on this trip.

Knit socks. I certainly have plenty of stashed yarn for that. Problem: I would have to find needles. Somewhere in this house there are 2 Addi circs, and who knows what's going on with the double points. Plus, even if I found the needles, planning to do socks would mean actually ... well ... actually knitting socks. Which, really, I'm not all that keen on. I know everyone else keeps socks going on the side, but, really, I think they're a pain. Mostly because I keep losing the needles.

Knit something else with all the yarn I just got from Webs. Problem: would have to swatch. Would also have to decide on a pattern. Would essentially need more sense of direction than I currently have.

Ah well. Maybe I'll manage to finish Green Gable on this trip after all.

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Weaver Brewer & Fam said...

I hate when I can talk myself out of every idea I have. It's the worst form of crafters-block!

I searched my stashes for appropriate DJSP gifts yesterday. (note to self-you have way to many stashes!!!) But I did find some really great stuff in the right color. Now to order roving to go with and fabulous yarn, here I come. :) I promised the husband that I wouldn't be spending much :) Luckily for the big stash (note to self-cancel that last note) I should be good :)

Have you gotten a note from your secret pal yet?