05 May 2006

Bits and Pieces


Work continues on Green Gable. I put the sleeve stitches on waste yarn, knit down a couple of rows into the body, put the body stitches on waste yarn, tried it on ... the armhole is too tight. I stared at my underarms, trying to figure out how much more I need to knit. Then, take body stitches back off waste yarn, tink back to sleeves, take sleeve stitches off waste yarn, knit 5 more rows (it looked as though 4 would do, put that last row was insurance), put sleeve stitches on waste yarn, knit 2 rows of body, put body stitches on waste yarn, try on ... the armhole is still too tight, but not so much as before. Do I have an abnormally large span between my shoulder and armpit? (Probably the rounds of weightlifting between fittings didn't help, but, please, I don't intend to let the muscles go flacid just so this top can fit.) Is my geometry wrong, and I'm knitting extra rows in the wrong place? And, just how much time am I going to spend staring at my armpit in a mirror this week?

So, I took out the waste yarn for the body stitches, tinked back to the sleeves, took out that waste yarn, knit a few more rows, and ... said to heck with it. It is what it is. I will stretch it with blocking if need be. I will shrink it with sewing if I've now made it too big.

And now I'm back to the blissfully mindless stockinette stitch in the round. I'd be able to read a book, it's so mindless ... except I'm also back to the Brown-Sheep-Cotton-Fleece-tangles-up-like-you-wouldn't-believe business.


Yesterday we went to the Fabulous Fox to see the musical Hairspray. We (kids, Aunt L and I) went to the matinee, having been given tickets for the show. We were sitting under the balcony, so we weren't able to see the full guady decor from our seats (I can't seem to cut and paste the asp I want -- if you follow the link, click on "auditorium" to appreciate just how gaudy it is).

Fun musical. Maybe not my first choice for young kids, but, hey, when free tickets pop up like that we make the best of it.

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