02 April 2007

Pink Happens

Day one of the new Project Spectrum color triad found me up to my eyeballs in fabric.

Pink fabric.

Butterick 3714 in size 7. I swear this cowl was drafted incorrectly; in any event, it was the first time I've had a major problem with a Butterick pattern. I think it gives the dress sort of an I Dream of Jeanie vibe. It was Kid2's favorite part of this pattern.

And, yes, it's fully lined:

Check out all that tulle! Woo hoo! MrV peeked in the sewing room (which is actually the dining room) and simply commented, "My, how foofy it is in here. You've got a lot of foof goin' on."

Today I will do the zipper. This will probably involve a lot of potty mouth comments coming from the direction of the sewing machine. After that is the hem, the freakin' I-hate-bias-cut-skirts hem (potty mouth comments are already erupting in anticipation).

Fortunately the kids can be outside, and can miss the vocabulary-expanding action going on in here. They can be outside because it is very GREEN out today. Last spring when Yarn Harlot was in town she simply commented, "St. Louis is very green." She's right -- this is an extremely green time of year here. You'd swear the windows were tinted, it's so green when you glance outside. By summer it will all be brown, burned to death in the sweltering heat. But spring really is beautiful and GREEN here.

(You know, since Project Spectrum is PINK for April and May, this would be a good time to work on PINK projects, like, say, if you had pink yarn and a wrap pattern lurking in the closet, for instance. Just sayin'.)

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Weaver said...

I don't have a wrap pattern but I do need to make something for the guy Brewer works with who is due to have a girl tomorrow. I've known forever, but totally spaced on getting anything done about it.