03 May 2007

History Pockets

I really thought long and hard before buying any History Pockets. You may be thinking, "How could you go wrong with coloring, cutting and pasting, especially in such a girly household?" And I would have to remind you that this is the girly household wherein the girls are using their Geomags to build bizarre cages for their Kelly dolls (the cages spin due to the magnets' polarity, so it's not just a restraint for Kelly, but, apparently, a torture device), and biting the butts off of their hollow chocolate Easter bunnies so they can fill them with Junior Mints and pretend the bunnies have diarrhea.

In the end, though, I decided to give it a whirl. After all, our history program this year has consisted solely of slapping in Jim Weiss CDs on an irregular basis. So I ordered one pocket for Egypt and one pocket for Greece.

They are a hit.

Unfortunately, that's the table I use to spread out my sewing stuff.

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Tammy said...

I am cracking up over the Geomag cages. I love it! Sounds like some good science.

I've never been able to engage my boys in the whole cut and paste thing. I actually had a Kindergarten Sunday School teacher pull me aside when my 4th son was in her class because of his poor cutting skills... "He really needs to practice," she kindly informed me. I'm thinking... "Yeah right. Like I'm giving that kid scissors."

For history this year, I gave my oldest a series of 20th century war books from Rainbow Resource. The rest did a geography/history co-op based Around the World in 180 days. Science has mainly been Steve Irwin, Jeff Corwin and Myth Busters. Oh well, they seem to be doing just fine... I guess. :)