31 May 2007

Summer Knitting Plans

Okay, finally getting around to listing out my summer plans, as suggested in Ali's contest, which I read about first at Tammy's blog, then at Melody's blog.

After reading Tammy's blog I set to work making a list of my plans. Of course, this was on a church bulletin...during the service...I quietly threw it out later, before anyone caught on that I wasn't making notes on the sermon (not that it was a bad sermon or anything...well, really, I don't remember much about the sermon, mostly I remember thinking about a shawl I'd like to design sometime, but, you know, it would be a shawl I'd wear to church, so it was sort of a churchy thought; and yes, I realize how wrong that whole sentence is on so many levels, both grammatically and theologically).

So, reconstructing the list:

*Finish Sockapalooza socks
*Make helmet liner for this project, which I also found via Tammy's blog
*Finish Sahara, which is currently on the needles
*Do something with other UFOs, fulfilling my UFO pledge; particularly the Rowan Calmer that has been through 2 startups and has yet to find a sweater pattern to be knit into
*Pair of socks for gift-giving
*Figure out why I bought all that summery yarn over the past year ... like the Blue Sky Cotton, was that supposed to be a Ribbon Shell? And that pink stuff I found the other day in a box downstairs, what's up with that? I vaguely remember buying it last summer, and had some sort of summer top planned for it, but what? Maybe a Ribby Shell? Did I ever buy that pattern? In any case, figure out what's going on with some of this yarn, and actually use it
*Around July I expect to buy a new knitting book (not sure yet what, just pretty sure by then I'll decide I need a new one; maybe Lace Style or Charmed Knits), at which point I'll once again lose interest in all of the above and go off on a new tangent

Note: I was going to include pics of what I'm already working on, as well as the yarn purchased for mysterious purposes, but decided it would take too long to upload. We're spending yet another day on dental issues. Did you know that trips to the oral surgeon for blocked salivary glands fall under your medical insurance rather than your dental insurance? On the bright side, I'm pretty sure all of this counts as "mulitple field trips to dentist offices" for homeschool.

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Vegan Knitting said...

I'd love to see what lesson plans you'd come up with for the field trips!