16 May 2007

This Post Was Going to Be Trip Knitting, Sockapalooza Edition

It was going to feature a picture of the sockapalooza sock with several inches done.

I was going to discuss how the yarn looks absolutely edible, in a sweet, caramel-y way, while you're sitting in a car on a pretty, sunny day.

The planned post was to have an amusing anecdote about a size 1 bamboo doublepoint needle flying out of my hand in an acrobatic arc into that tiny little space between the console and the seat, and how the entire family worked to get it out when we ended up stopping at the nearest Interstate Rest Stop for this emergency.

I was going to include a thoughtful commentary on the Illinois Highway Deptartment's obsession with putting those spinning-tire swings at practically every Interstate Rest Stop in the state without also providing for the necessary facilities for the natural consequences of having spinning tire-swings. Specifically, they need showers and spacious changing areas, because, let me assure you, it is entirely possible to spin on those things until you vomit all over yourself and your mother.


I continued working on the sock yesterday at piano lessons. And discovered that I had been knitting the wrong pattern for the leg.

Rip, rip, rip.

The sock is now simply a cuff.


Weaver said...

OH no! I hope the rest of the trip was much calmer! Looks like you need a set of emergency double points in your glove box, too. I'm thinking it would be too hard to pack an emergency shower

sockpal said...

Oh no is right!! That stinks! But, at least you didn't have to start over entirely!!