09 May 2007

My Life as a Matchmaker

Sock Yarn, meet Pattern.

Sock Pattern, this is Sock Yarn.

Now, why don't you two spend some time getting acquainted while I go look for some knitting needles.

Don't they make a cute couple?

(The pattern is Child's French Sock from Knitting Vintage Socks. I really enjoyed knitting the Fancy Silk Sock from this book, but discovered after it was done that, alas, I dislike wearing socks with openwork. So I'm using this Sockapalooza knitting to find out if this particular pattern is too open for me. After all, my sock-partner said to have fun with this, so, you know, it's not a totally awful thing to do, using her socks as guinea pigs.

And the yarn is from Lisa Souza, who I saw mentioned by some other blogger, not that I have any memory of who that blogger was or why I was blog-hopping that day. I saw this color and thought, "Bingo, that's the color I want for Sockapalooza". So, again with the guinea pig thing, since I've never used this yarn.

Are you starting to discern a pattern here? My family will assure you that this isn't a recent thing -- I've a long history of deciding I want to mess and gom with something, and using a gift-giving occasion for an excuse. I also buy books for people and immediately ask if I can borrow and read them. At least I don't pre-read them before giving them, which is a triumph of willpower. Okay, honestly, I used to do that, too, but now I'm usually running too late on getting my presents together to have time to read the books before giving them away; but let's pretend I don't pre-read due to my virtue, okay?)


sockpal said...

Such a pretty color. I'm still mulling on which pattern to knit, so good to know what you like and don't like in a sock (e.g., according to previous posts, its totally okay to make them musical!!). I think you made a great choice for your pal :) xoxo your sockapalooza pal

melissa said...

Wow. I am so impressed. Where did you learn to knit? Beautiful yarn.

sockpal said...

Happy Mother's Day!!!

xoxox your sockapalooza pal, again :)