30 May 2007

The Seven Random Things Meme

1. I still have a box of Trader Joe's Candy Cane JoJos tucked away. I haven't decided when I'll eat them.

2. My high school graduation present was a trip to India.

3. My college roommate and I took up smoking, but we quit after a couple of weeks because it was too much work keeping track of cigarettes, lighters/matches and ashtrays.

4. I can roll my tongue, but my mom can't roll hers.

5. I never learned all the state capitals in school. This doesn't seem to have affected my adult life.

6. I need to mow the lawn today, but it's raining.

7. I think ornamental pear trees and Stella D'oro daylillies are terribly overplanted in landscaping jobs. It really bothers me to see this when I'm out and about. On the other hand, I pay no attention whatsoever to what cars people drive. In summary, I will be quite judgmental about your landscaping choices, but I really don't care about your car. I suspect these aren't typical values.

Thanks to Heather for tagging me, as this was wonderfully mindless. Can I do this, like, weekly?

1 comment:

Heather said...

They ARE fun aren't they?

I totally agree with the dumb landscaping trees. I hate those little saplings, like elms or maples, planted a few feet apart here and there. Sure, they look fine now when they're 4ft tall, but they're just going to get cut down in about 10 years because root crowding is killing them. It's dumb.