07 May 2007


I tend to prefer fairly sleek styles without a lot of frills

(except for my socks, which tend to run more towards glow-in-the-dark patterns; I used to wear gaudy earrings, too, but discovered that babies tend to be fascinated by 4 inch long skeletons that dance on your shoulders and little twinkly stars that have battery-powered blinker lights in them, so those were put into storage)

so the kids were astounded that I had anything to do with the purchase of our new dining room light:

I simply pointed out that it does NOT have any little electronic sounds or voices (I hate things that have little electronic voices or music or whatever) (except for maybe in a pair of socks).

In the meantime, we gave the kids permission to dismantle the old chandelier, and discovered that once you take all of the prisms off it looks like a space station for Polly Pocket dolls:

"Hey, it's like Deep Space 9!"

"Nu-huh! Deep Space 9 is a Cardassian design. This obviously isn't Cardassian."

"Okay, so some OTHER Federation space station. Gees."

And the prisms are now some sort of pod the dolls fly around in. I don't quite understand it all. I do realize, though, that I have a massive new mess in the middle of the family room, and we have a deep need for the little Star Trek dolls that are about the size of a Polly Pocket.


Weaver said...

That is one sweet new space station, you've got there!!! My children are busy making borg implants out of legos and marching about saying "we are borg, we are borg"

GailV said...

I met one of the neighbors a couple of months ago, and he had a Bluetooth stuck to his head. I kept wanting to ask him if he was Borg and that was his implant, but I decided he wouldn't get it.