17 February 2006


"Mom, can we get out some flour and do stuff with it?"

"Okay, but I don't want you floffing it around."

"Floffing? What a great word!"

"Yeah, and it's a real shame people never use it, which is mostly because I just made it up."

"Maybe we could start using it a lot. Then people would use it."

I just googled "floffing" and came up with about 90 hits. Google seemed pretty sure I really meant to type "flogging". Indeed, some of the hits seemed like they were typos for flogging.

I also checked at askoxford.com , since I don't have a complete OED lying around (and shame on me, although on the other hand I'm pretty proud that I figured out the laying/lying business in that sentence and didn't have to change the whole thing around to avoid THAT mess). No floffing go on in Oxford, it seems. Or perhaps there is, but they just don't know it.

Around here it's a combination of flying, flopping and fluff. Now you can judge for yourself if you've been floffing today.


knitsteel said...

We floff the flour around every time we bake with the kids. The kids do most of the floffing. The dogs catch the worst of it.

oh my, first graders and knitting buddhas... They are true 6 year olds. I'm amazed that they do indeed learn how to knit, despite being absolute little wackos, as they are supposed to be. The job is very entertaining. They laugh, they cry. They hug.

literarychild said...

floffing is a great word! i make up words all the time when the right word doesn't come to me quickly enough! glad to know i'm not the only one! :) (found you through the homeschooling blog ring.)