15 February 2006

Tuesday Teatime

We took a trip to Whole Foods in the morning to get some flaxseed oil and cod liver oil (we're all about essential fatty acids here), so we got some treats while shopping.

First off, Country Choice Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies (organic, wheat free, no hydrogenated oils). Next, we found some red licorice hearts in the bulk food aisle; KidV1 kept asking why they had a big ol' NATURAL label when the first ingredient was corn syrup ("corn syrup is natural"; "yeah, well, it doesn't occur in nature"; we'll talk about an-natural ingredients later, I guess).

Then we hit the dairy aisle and discussed getting some chocolate milk. Let me tell you, we've had some health-food store chocolate milk that really tasted ... like it came from a health food store, you know what I mean? After great deliberation we decided to try Trader's Point Creamery . Oh. My. You've gotta try this stuff. Really. Go to the website here and see if they sell it in your area. It's like the best chocolate ice cream ever, but in liquid form.

Anyway, we made it home with our purchases, dealt with the plumbers' visit (this is the 3rd Tuesday in a row we've had trades people coming over to work on something; they're starting to feel like family and I should invite them to teatime), finally ate lunch around 1:30 and the FINALLY had our Valentine's Tea.

Which was pretty anti-climatic at this point. We used a heart-shaped beeswax candle I had made during our great Candlemas candle-dipping adventure (I had use a cookie cutter as a mold). I read The Owl and the Pussycat , then some other random poems. We drank our chocolate milk (KidV2 didn't like it), ate our cookies (KidV2 didn't like them), and the kids ate all the licorice hearts. They then went outside to rollerblade in the driveway while I kept pouring myself cups of chocolate milk. Mmmmmm.


Vegan Knitting said...

Well, I'm vegan, but I do love the Country Choice organic oatmeal cookies. Even if they are owned by a nasty big conglomerate company.

GailV said...

You know, when I saw you were commenting on here I thought, "Oh no! Don't read about the chocolate milk! You'll hate me and never read my blog again!" Thanks for finding *something* positive about this entry. Che chocolate chip cookies have milk in the chips; we usually get the raisin ones for Daddy, who avoids milk and eggs (and wheat and a huge list of other stuff).