20 February 2006

A package from Nancy!

Nancy Parson's lives a fairytale life, don't you think? She sells Handmaiden yarn through her Colorsong Yarns website, and all sorts of cool books through her bookstore .

This weekend brought some Silk Spun to my mailbox:

I'm planning on making a moebius wrap from it. I don't have the proper needle. Heck, I'm not even sure if I can purchase the proper needle around here -- I need a 47" circ, which aren't exactly standard issue. Also, after I handled the yarn it occured to me that it's going to be slick to work with. We shall see if this is an advantage or disadvantage.

The colorway is Dragonfly Dance.

The next package from Nancy will most likely contain books. She's got some great new books in. Two of my biggest weaknesses -- books and yarn -- and that woman sells both. It's a fairytale life she leads, I tell you.


knitsteel said...

That is some beautiful yarn. Are you going to make a lacy moebius wrap to wear like a big romantic hood?

ryc- I've got a lot of craft books on my amazon wishlist...

Olive Oyl/Pensguys said...

Ooooh!!!! PRETTY!!!!!