07 February 2006

Today is not going as expected...

Plumbers came first thing in the morning. I thought they'd probably ring the bell just as we were doing something interesting, so we did nothing in particular.

They were here to fix 3 faucets. All 3 had problems with the cartridge (I now know about cartridges and Moen faucets and all sorts of cool plumbing stuff). The home warranty company was willing to have the plumbers fix 2 of the 3. I spent much of the morning on the phone with the company discussing the general silliness of this stance, given that all 3 have the same problem.

So, the morning passed with very little homeschool occurring. It seemed the only way to redeem the day was to go to the library (this is my fix for most ills in life). When we arrived a couple was loading their Newfoundland dog into their car. They graciously got the dog back out so we could see it -- the man explained the differences between their dog and Seaman of Lewis and Clark fame. Amazing.

We then dropped off about 40 library books, and picked out about 20 more. We stopped at Trader Joe's on the way home to pick up something fun for Tuesday Teatime, but a fight errupted in the back seat regarding who was knocking over whose books. We don't need more cup holders in our vehicle, we need book holders. Then the box of modelling beeswax fell all over the floor (why do we have an open box of modelling beeswax in here? Didn't I ask that we NOT bring it, since I didn't want to clean it up when it dumped all over?).

Trader Joe's was suddenly crossed off our list of things-to-do, we got back in the car amid tears, came home, cleaned up the wax, brought in all the books (at that point I was wearing a pair of sunglasses off of a Barbie which barely fit over my nostrils), popped in CD 1 of the Matilda book-on-CD, I mixed up some brownies from scratch.

Things we haven't done: any of the songs we usually sing, grammar, French, spelling, fairy tale time, form drawing, weather tree, science. I also haven't lifted weights, cleaned the bathrooms, or done any of the vacuuming. If we get to Tuesday Teatime I will report on it later.

I'm surprisingly calm about this. It must be a function of homeschooling for several years. I have finally, after 5 years, gotten over the idea that I can micromanage our days. All I can do is set a general direction.

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