22 February 2006


Have you noticed that Interweave Knits publishes a sock pattern in every issue? I have a subscription to IK, so plenty of sock patterns are in my home library.

For that matter, most of the knitting books I own have at least one sock pattern. I own a lot of knitting books.

I also have 3 books devoted exclusively to sock knitting.

Every sock I've ever knit has been from pattern I've found for free on the Internet. Go figure.

These are Fancy Silk Sock for Women , from a book by Nancy Bush I was sorely tempted to buy. Now that I've knit a pair of socks from it, though, the urgency has passed.

Knit out of Lorna's Laces. I chose blue because I thought it would go better with jeans. For some reason it didn't occur to me that I don't wear jeans. I wear black yoga pants 95% of the time.

I did the pointier toe -- decreased down to 8 stitches, then gathered up those 8. This was a mistake. I have very flat toes; I should've stopped at 20 stitches and done kitchener stitch. I wanted to see what the pointier toe looked like, though. Considering that I probably won't be wearing them much, I decided not to rip back and rework the toe.

Side note: the cat is relieved that I finally moved from the good sunny carpet spot so he could take a nap. Poor baby, he's been up since at least 5:30 AM, which is when he came to wake me up.

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Olive Oyl/Pensguys said...

LOL!!! Socks and cats!! Two of my loves!

NICE socks! I'll be posting some pics of my new socks-in-progress soon!