10 February 2006

Form Follows Function

Really, this seems to me to be an excellent example of form follows function. We need a way to watch the cat across the street. We open the blinds, we place a chair before the window, et voila!

The blankets are useable on the bed at night, or on the chair during the day.

The concept of form follows function was pounded into our heads in landscaping classes. It appealed to my Bauhaus tendencies. Reading interior decorating books lately, I've discovered that it is apparently considered optional by many popular contemporary decorators. This explains why I just don't "get" a lot of contemporary interior decor.

It also seems to be optional in current knitwear design.

So far today we have whipped through singing, Latin, French, spelling, grammar (nominative and objective case pronouns, during which we had to resort to the ol' "well, since you can't figure it out in English, how would you figure it out in Latin?"). KidV1 has been reading aloud to KidV2 (Amber Brown books) and has lured her into a game of Scrabble Jr. I have lifted weights. Later we will go to homeschool swim and drop by the library. It's one of the Golden Days of Homeschooling, the kind I think all the cool moms have on a regular basis, and it's happening in my house right now !

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Norma said...

I stopped by to see if you had any Monday Memories, but I found these great kitty pics. Great post.

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