21 February 2006

Tuesday Teatime

I was walking through the grocery store yesterday afternoon and suddenly realized that I had not made A Plan for Tuesday Teatime. I happened to be in the cookie aisle, discovered a national brand on sale, bought some ... so, our menu included hydrogenated cottonseed oil and "natural flavor" (which I always assume is some excitotoxin that will do permanent neurological damage). Yum.

We also had Celestial Seasonings Rasberry Zinger tea, the preferred tea of girls who are striving to maximize the amount of PINK in their lives.

I read more fairy poems. KidV2 specifically asked for "the one about 'we don't go hunting'" (Up the airy mountain/ Down the rushy glen/We daren't go a-hunting/For fear of little men -- William Allingham). It's startling when the kids suddenly prove that they've really been listening to all of this poetry.

I also introduced Pansies, by James Whitcomb Riley. We discussed whether it would be a good choice for learning by memory. I think we're going to go with it.

I finished by reading Susan Jeffers' Brother Eagle, Sister Sky . This was a literature suggestion from Story of the World Book 3, chapter 38 American Tragedies (Trail of Tears, and Nat Turner's revolt). The kids ended up discussing water, and how important it is to keep water clean. I pointed out that the book wasn't exactly in Seattle's own words. I didn't point out that Native peoples have some real issues about the book.

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