29 April 2006

Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece

Okay, it's wonderfully soft. It's a little bit splitty, especially if you rip and reknit it several times.

But here's the Big Comment: I've spent at least as much time untangling the skein as I have actually knitting.

I'm starting to get sort of whacked out about it.

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Weaver Brewer & Fam said...

AAAHHHH! NOOOO! I just bought my very first BS cotton fleece today. Four skeins of it. I don't want pain in the butt. I want easy cotton. I'll cross my fingers that mine is less tangly than yours :)

whatcha makin' with yours? I want to weave with mine but am not liking the price (I'll need 4 more skeins to weave a blanket instead of just a triangle). I may just set it on a shelf to look pretty for a few weeks and then decide :)