12 April 2007

An Easter Dress

Butterick 3714

Fabric from JoAnn's, as are the fabric flowers at the waistline.

The cowl was sort of wonky to make -- there seemed to be about 3 plus inches of fabric that I was supposed to fit into 2 inches of shoulder. I assume whoever drafted the pattern didn't do the math (surely it wasn't my mistake) so I just folded it up a bit more.

After I had attached the skirt I had her try it on, and realized it was massively too big, even though I was using the smallest size possible. So I opened out all of the lining (yes, it's fully lined), took in an inch on each side seam, and sewed the lining back in place. I tried to taper the skirt seam into its original hemline fullness; I think the bias tapering ended up a bit iffy. There's some weirdness to those side skirt seams now -- they don't hang just precisely right.

Hurray for me, I only had to put the zipper in twice. And I remembered to let it hang several days before hemming -- wow, that front panel stretched out an amazing amount in that time!

Overall I'm pretty pleased with it.

And Kid2? Mostly she twirls around and around and around. Really. It's amazing we got a still shot of her wearing it.


Weaver said...

She's beautiful! and so is the dress! You're sewing abilities amaze me! Congrats!

KathyJo said...

What Weaver said. :) I'm impressed.