05 April 2007

UFO Resurrection, Stealth Edition (Shhhh!)

It's Easter time, which means it's time once again to ask ourselves, "Will the kids actually get the felted sheep this year in their Easter baskets?"

What felted sheep? The ones I blogged about here and here and here. Timeline in brief, in case you don't want to slog through old posts: purchased yarn and pattern in 2005 and started knitting. Moved. Decided to complete sheep for Easter 2006. Discovered that I'd lost part of the pattern in the move. Got pattern from cool folks at Fiber Trends who emailed me the part I was missing. But their heroic efforts were for naught, since I still ended up shoving the unfinished sheep back in the closet for another year.

I did manage to felt the sheep before I stuck them away last spring:

And this week, by golly, I finally stuffed them with wool:

Two years in the making!

Here's how the size compare to a 7 pound cat:

If I were a better mom I'd have embroidered the kids' initials on the sheep. But, alas, I'm a mom who is still trying to finish sewing an Easter dress, finish knitting a shrug to go with the other completed Easter dress, and currently has eggs on the stove to cook and dye today; not to mention I still need to fill a bunch of plastic eggs with stuff for hiding over the weekend, and clean up the sewing mess from the dining room if we're to have any chance of using it as a dining room Sunday. If I had to embroider initials I think I'd end up sticking the sheep back in the closet another year. A plain sheep in the Easter basket is worth 2 embroidered-initial sheep in the closet. Or something like that.


Weaver said...

Very cute sheep!!!! I'm thinking the initials would just totally ruin the over all cuteness of the sheep anyway. I mean, then they'd look branded and that just seems cruel at Easter time doesn't it?

I hope you get the rest of your list done. And thanks for reminding me that we should boil and dye the eggs today.

Ami said...

Knit those little sheep some knickers. Or maybe just put a collar on them. Two different colors, of course. Knit some knickers for the cat, too.

So your Easter this year is just one sheep thrill after another!

Mary G said...

I LOVE these sheep. I designed a stuff sheep for littlest when he was born (it was his "theme"), but I like these better (and it's been 4 years so maybe he needs a new sheep).

Anyway, I'll slog through your past posts to find out where you got the pattern! I love these.

BTW, why don't you just ribbon the necks of the blighters (in different colors of course) and stick a little bell on the ribbons -- that'd be cute, painless and QUICK!

GailV said...

Y'all are right. My mind is stuck on embroidered initials because my mom always embroiders initials on everything to differentiate who gets what.

And, Ami is right about the cat needing knickers. She's a geriatric cat who expresses her displeasure in life by peeing on the bathroom rugs. She could use some wool knickers that would work like a diaper. We've gone several months without an "incident", though, so I might put that idea on the back burner for now.