23 April 2007

Thoughts and Observations from the Past Few Days

** Many of us are energized by going into a bookstore or yarn store. I just realized this weekend that I also feel that way about going into a landscape nursery. However, stockpiling stash from a landscaping nursery is a dicey propostition, as the stash requires huge amounts of upkeep.

** Those capri pants that were a little snug last summer? They've now moved into the category of "Ack!", which may have something to do with my recent discovery of Trader Joe's Venetian Lemon Tarts (mmmmm). I used to describe my figure as becoming "more fluffy", but have decided that's inaccurate, since "fluffy" implies that compression is possible. The pants have proven this to be untrue.

** I cannot swim 200m freestyle. Well, I can, but by the last 25 meters my arms seem like they're wrapped in wet towels, and I have to stand at the end of the lane sucking air when it's over. How did this happen? I used to be able to knock off several laps at a time. And that was a mere 12 years ago.

(Okay, I've gotta admit, I tried some laps last summer in a different pool. I couldn't even make it a 50 yard length. So this is an improvement. But it's still disappointing.)

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