19 April 2007

Cheap FIller Knitting

I needed to come up with a small project to cast on while waiting for Sockapalooza to start.

I decided to knit a Dulaan hat according to Norma's hat pattern, using Highland Wool in the color I despise.

So, I'm sitting in the lobby of Dance Class, knitting away, talking to the mom next to me, commenting that I really don't like this color of yarn (I like to announce that right up front so people don't think I actually find it attractive and therefore am A Person With No Taste). And another mom comes zipping in, The Elegant Mom, the one who always looks pulled together, who looks like she's just stopping by to pick up her daughter and then will be getting back to the fashion shoot she's probably modelling for. You know, THAT mom. There's always one of those around. And she says, "Oh, I love that color!"

Well. I sort of sat there with my jaw hanging open, trying to form words.

She also complimented my socks, which are my A#1 favorite pair of socks, which wiped out any inkling that she'd been struck Temporarily Sans Any Taste in Color/Clothing.

At least now I don't feel like I'm sending ugly stuff off to charity.


Weaver said...

So funny! Isn't it strange how once something strikes as 'ugly' that's all there is too it, no matter who thinks its great? :) My example is that I don't like the Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece. I just crocheted a baby blanket with it and it was ok, I guess but the splittiness was just too much for me to enjoy it. I started to cast on some extra just to knit a swatch to play with and after casting on 10, I ripped it off the needles cause there was no way i wanted to go any further. Everyone (and I mean every!) else says it's the best yarn and great to work with. bleck!

Emma said...

I love that color too!