30 April 2007

Suffering an Obsession? In a Rut?

A lack in imagination in choosing my knitting projects? A meditative experience?

What really explains knitting the same hat over and over in the same yarn?

Could it be that I want to be rid of all of this yarn? (Although I've noticed that many people compliment it if I keep my mouth shut and don't begin conversations with an announcement that I think it's hideous.)

Could it be that Sockapalooza is starting soon, and I don't want to start anything else important until I get my sock partner info? And, in that case, could all of this mindless knitting be pulling the mental knitting tension tighter and tighter, like an bow pulled back to its limit before loosing the arrow, like a spring coiled so freakin' tight that it's about to sproing out in all directions?

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