23 April 2007

Finally Warm Enough to Wear the Easter Outfit

Dress is #38 from Ottobre 2/2005 in a linen blend from JoAnn's.

Sweater is from Stefanie Japel's Fitted Knits using some ancient Paton's South Pacific recovered from an old Unfinished Object. Apologies for the poor photo of the sweater -- it didn't occur to me until today that Kid1 had arranged her hair all over the sweater in every single shot.

This shrug looks So Good with this dress. Kid1 just loves the look. If you have any 11 year old girls hanging around the house, consider making this combo. Or just the shrug.

The choker is crocheted out of the South Pacific, and has one of the flower embellishments I had made for the dress (the flowers on the dress are near her right hand). I ended up making several flowers to get 2 that I liked for the dress, having never before entered the wonderful world of Sulky stabilizer plus multiple layers of fabric plus fusible web plus using a sewing machine to embroider (I don't have an actual embroidery machine, so I faked it with the triple-width stitch).


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Weaver said...

Holy Cow! She looks beautiful!!! I only hope I can help my girls look half that good as they grow up! The dress is amazing and the daughter beautiful! Congrats!

Nicole said...

What a beautiful dress for a beautiful girl!