24 October 2007


We have 2 huge boxes of costumes downstairs. Actually, they're those boxes the moving companies use to move your clothing from your closet -- the tall ones with a hanger rack. I cut them down some, and we hang up a lot of our costumes in them. Other costuming accoutrements (hats, gloves, tiaras) are stored elsewhere (okay, generally they're strewn all over the basement floor).

Our latest addition, finished just in time for The Big Day, the day we take our show door-to-door through the neighborhood:

Simplicity 0523/3626, in a size that doesn't appear anywhere on the pattern (not that I'm bitter that I had to resize 18 billion frickin' pattern pieces since they couldn't include a size 6 on their stupid pattern). It was hard to photograph due to the glare of all the shimmery fabric. Also hard to photograph without anyone in it, and the intended wearer is upstairs asleep. What you're looking at is a pair of I Dream of Jeanie pants with a matching top laying on them -- there, now does it make sense?

Yes, this is the reason I haven't been blogging or even cleaning the house or cooking decent meals the past few days -- I've been putting together fabric, overlay, contrast fabric, miles of trim, and boatloads of velcro.

For the record, the other child has very sensibly decided (currently**) to dress as something easy for Halloween: salmonella. This will involve wearing white, and carrying around her "little sister Sally" in a basket with some fake eggs. She bravely attempted to convince her sibling to wear a hospital gown so she could play a victim of salmonella, but the lure of all the glittery fabric has proven too strong for that sibling (plus there was Mommy growling under her breath "I spent hours making this damn costume, I expect to see you in it" in a threatening manner).

**This could change in an instant, of course.


Ann said...

Hysterical!!! Since salmonella is such a perky bacteria (I've had food poisoning a FEW times), why can't the genie use that as her name? Everybody's happy!

Happy Hallowe'en!

Writing and Living said...

Salmonella. LOL.

Tara said...

Great costume! You put Martha to shame. Mine got refashioned thrift items jazzed up with sharpie markers and acrylic paint...
Love the salmonella bit.

kitten said...

Sounds like kb, she changes every other day. I told her today I would just make her a cheerleading out fit this weekend, so we could have a cheerleader for our homeschool. She was satisfied.

Lorraine said...

Clever, clever children! And what an adorable costume. You have far more dedication and perseverance than I would!

Heather said...

You're so much more organized than I am! I'm making homemade costumes with no pattern, which means I keep screwing up and ripping out seams and cursing a lot. Possibly if I had more experience in sewing, it would be easier. I guess I should take that as a hint, and buy a pattern next time ;)

BTW, I tagged you for the Wonder Woman Award. Stop by and grab the graphic when you get a chance. I hope your Halloween goes "wonder"fully. :)