18 October 2007

Reflecting on the past week

It's been a blur:

Homeschool class at zoo, 1.5 hours plus driving time.

Homeschool class at Science Center, 1.5 hours plus driving time.

Lead 15 Brownies in Plants Try-It field trip, 2 hours plus driving time, plus large chunks of time explaining where and when we were meeting. Plus get there early to Be Prepared (and also make sure I made it there without getting lost, which has sort of been a theme for living in St. Louis -- every time I make it straight to the correct place a cheer goes up in the car).

Conceive of and execute a plan to get a Junior Girl Scout to her field trip for Science in Everyday Life badge in a different location (about 45 minutes away from where the Brownies were).

(The above 2 activities involved doing things like having to make phone calls to people I barely knew. This is so far outside my comfort zone I felt like I needed a passport.)

Swimming lesson.

Piano lessons (had to be rescheduled to different time slot due to other stuff going on).

Dance lessons (ditto on the rescheduling).

Choir and youth group.

Take cat to vet. Pick up cat from vet. Figure out how to get antibiotics into cat. Note: if you've ever wondered what would happen if that abcess bursts on its own without having it drained by the vet, let me tell you, it stinks. Literally. Stinky pus is inside that abcess. And then you have to go to the vet anyway since you can't clean in properly without shaving, and the cat's fur is so thick and the cat so wiggly when you try to clip fur in that spot that he needs to be tranquilized. Plus he needs antibiotics. And the vet tries to say, "Well, he saved you the cost of having me drain it," but the vet doesn't realize that the cat decided to lay on your new, clean fabric after the abcess (full of stinky pus) burst.

Help child pack for her first camping trip. Take child to drop off location for the trip. (Actually, we haven't done that last bit yet. That happens this afternoon. I'm pretty sure I can get straight to the place without getting lost. I mean, we've driven by the place before, although we've always been on the highway, and it's on some side street. I'm assuming I can figure out which side street it's on. Heh.)

Overall, a good week for that Multum non Multa homeschooling style. I think we've managed some math and Latin most days.


Ami said...

Oh my gosh.
You make my life seem tame.

I *knew* there was a reason I don't want a cat besides the usual... they don't come when you call them, they're a pain in the butt...

Ever wonder why they call it homeschooling when you're always in the car?

Lorraine said...

Criminy - and I thought my life was hectic. Maybe I should be glad my DH put a halt to extra field trips this year.

Poor putty tat. I hope he's feeling better soon.

I have a friend who does call it car schooling, because they spend all their time commuting back and forth to and from activities. They use lap desks and keep some subjects in the car at all times.

Tara said...

On the road again... the whole month of September was like that for us. Lordy, I thought I was gonna blow a gasket. Try and stock up with some good tunes and enjoy the fall foliage, I guess. No great advice here, just unlimited cyber support.

Writing and Living said...

Ugh. I get tired just reading it. Hope your Junior Scout has fun on her camp out.

kitten said...

We have science classes in Memphis, TN about 2 hours away, but we don't do it cause they don't have classes for my oldest. I sure wished they did.