30 October 2007

In With the In Crowd

Yes, I got my Ravelry invite. So now I can join about 40,000 of my closest friends in discussing knitting and crocheting, and generally sucking huge chunks of time out of my day on this new entertainment.

I'll admit, I wasn't going to bother with beta Ravelry. I didn't see the point. Okay, yeah, I knit and crochet. I've done both for years. And, honestly, it doesn't strike me as a big deal. Saying "I knit" is about like saying "I read" or "I give people Christmas presents' or "I drive".

(Also, saying "I knit" in order to impress y'all makes me think of saying "I pee on the floor" in order to impress someone, but that's a comparison that probably needs an explanation.

Years ago, when I was in high school, some younger cousins came to visit. The youngest of the bunch was about 2 or 3 years old. During dinner he decided he really really wanted to make an impression on this high school girl [me] at the table, so he came over next to my chair with an expression on his face that said, "I'm gonna knock your socks off", batted his eyelashes flirtatiously, and announced, "I pee on the floor" in a voice that let us all know that he knew exactly what a girl looks for in a guy.

I've been thinking about that incident a lot lately since Geriatric Cat has decided that standing in the vicinity of the litter box is good enough, and it's not her fault if she pees on the floor. Lord help me, I desperately want some Kitty Depends for this cat. But it's a step up from peeing on the bathroom rugs or peeing on our bed, so let us rejoice in the fact that she's sort of making an effort, even if it is a poor one.

Okay, end digression.)

Two things tipped me towards joining. NUMBER ONE: I'd really wanted to find something like sewing.patternreview.com for knitting patterns, and it occurred to me that this might be it, and NUMBER TWO: Lorraine joined, and even though I didn't know Lorraine and hadn't ever read her blog before, I was pretty sure I was missing out if she was in Ravelry and I wasn't (if someday it is revealed that Lorraine is the universal nexus of fiber trends, I, for one, won't be surprised since I intuited it about a month ago).

Okay, so I'm signed in, but I probably won't do anything with my new Ravelry status because I need to go mow the lawn, clean up the pumpkin seeds all over everything after our pumpkin-carving extravaganza, and mop the cat pee off the floor. Because, in addition to saying "I knit", I also can say "I mow", "I carve pumpkins" and "I clean up after the cat". Y'all know where to find me if you need me.


Pensguys said...

Too funny! I have one of those geriatric cats too! Except it is #2 that he does!

I'm a Ravelry member too...and like you didn't think I needed it but it is pretty cool! Look me up!

denise said...

A local homeschooling crafty mama!?! Glad to find your blog! :)

denise said...

Oh, but I think the person sending me here thought you were in my area -- but perhaps not. Cool blog still! ;)

Weaver said...

I'm weaver on Ravelry, be sure to friend me :) I love that I can put my pattern books in there and my sis in law in Boston can say "I didn't know you have book x. Can you send it to me?" Of course, the stash tracking is great except for the trauma of actually getting it all out and taking pictures of it all :) Now, I'm just waiting patiently for spinning stash and weaving projects

Taoknitter said...

Yay!! Find me on Ravelry...Taoknitter.

My geriatric issues were with a dog that did both in my house. Almost put her down with my bare hands!

Nicole said...

You're going to have to post your impressions of ravelry in a week or so. I've heard the hype about it, but the long wait has put me off. I'm also worried that I'll spend all day there!

By the way, your tea times always sound so nice. If we weren't a state away I would totally show up at you house univited one Tuesday afternoon.

Err...yeah...that didn't make me sound like a stalker at all.