31 October 2007

October's Unfinished Object

Last year at this time I had the clever idea that I should knit a Klein Bottle Hat for my nephew at Purdue (the nephew that was recipient of the Purdue moebius scarf).

And, lands-a-livin', Knitty even had a pattern! It was fate!

Then I came to my senses. What does a communication major want with a bunch of geeky topological knitting? (Also, I maybe got distracted by something more interesting that came along, and set the hat to one side and forgot about it until I was looking for that set of knitting needles the other day.)

Geriatric Cat is not impressed. It's taking up too much room on her towel (she sleeps on a towel for reasons I hope I don't need to explain given that my life seems to revolve around this particular subject and I'd like to spend at least 30 seconds thinking about something else other than what feline bodily fluids I need to go clean up). Sooooooo...


Someday I hope to find a UFO around here that I don't end up ripping up. Maybe next month's UFO Resurrection, which I think is lurking in my nightstand.


kitten said...

Shame on you! Messing with that cat's space! LOL! Just kidding.

Ami said...

I can help you with this. As a magnanimous gesture, totally free of charge, I am willing to share my own personal solution with you. (patent pending).

Don't knit. Be totally clueless about how to do it, be ignorant about fiber, yarn, and other strange and scary things.

You'll never have to rrrrrip again.

You're welcome.

Lorraine said...

Poor sweet kitty. We had a cat like that for awhile. It is tough but that's what love looks like.

kitten said...

I have a little something on my blog for you.

kitten said...

Sweety I know your not ungrateful. left ckick the picture on my page to high light it then right click it and save to your picture folder on your computer, then when you post push the button that says add pictures then add browse go to your pictures and select the one you want. Then when added push done and there you go.
I hope that helps!