16 October 2007

RightStart Geometry

Woohoo -- the book is finished!

Of course, now we have all the lessons that haven't yet been put in the book. The website has downloads of several lessons. I haven't printed them out yet. But still, it's exciting.

As to why I haven't been giving much description of what's been going on with RightStart Geometry, well, it's because I've had less and less to do with it. Kid1 deals with it all pretty much on her own. I deal a little with the fallout, such as when she paused too long between lessons and apparently forgot how to do basic trig (much weeping and gnashing of teeth that week). And occasionally she would ask me a question....

Wow, did it ever reach the point where I couldn't answer questions, since I hadn't been following along. Yes, I can do trig, but I'm not really tip-of-the-tongue with it. I would stare blankly at whatever diagram she was showing me ("Mommy, I need to know this interior section of this pyramid so I can compare it to this cone" -- ick, I just remembered that I did dislike parts of math back in school, particularly anything to do with cones). And the answer sheets don't really go step by step through the logic of solving the problem. Or maybe they do, but not in enough detail for me -- I want them to explain it like Mr. Broman did years ago in high school trig, and the answer sheets are more like that TA in that Saturday morning math class freshman year at Purdue.

Also, one memorable occasion I used the phrase "well, you need to isolate x on one side", and, gees, you'd have thought I'd announced she needed to sacrifice her firstborn on a flaming pyre. "That's algebra! I don't know algebra!" Um, yes, you just did it in all of these problems up here without realizing it.

All of which is leading me to consider what to do next -- what program will we try once all of this is done. I'm factoring in her flair for drama about math concepts she doesn't instantly comprehend, as well as my dislike of cones. Where do we go from here?


Lorraine said...

Ha, we're finishing Algebra I around here and the stuff hit the fans when plotting equations on a grid started. Hockeyboy felt pretty good about his math skills up to this point. Problem is, he's not a visual learner, so having pictures (so to speak) is really messing with his mind! Math, what a trip to teach!

Ann said...

2 of mine are math whizzes...middle diva is a math disaster. 6th grade...will this book help us? It is so bad that I have contemplated homeschooling her but that would lead to intense therapy for the rest of her life!

Thanks for your support on my blog. You and a few other KNITTERS have always been so great. I was getting irritated with the dressmakers who keep coming, getting info, taking ideas and then presenting them as their own!!! Could not really find a way to say that on the blog without coming across as the true major bitch that I can be! I did not want to alienate the dressmakers that I like. Anyway, thank you so much!

And I am sorry I have not been here in a while. Love your humor. Cracking me up with your pink UFO...I have so many of those!!! My problem tends to be that I cannot remember the stitch I was using or where I got it so I cannot finish it now!


Tara, Walkabout said...

Whew! Had a quick flashback to the drama of geometry we had last year. Some days I simply caved in and told her to close her book so we could take a walk and get some fresh air.
Congrats for making it through and good luck with the next block.